Take your test prep a level higher with Medisys Assessments

Access a vast repository of custom-developed learning materials, mock tests, and performance analytics to bridge the learning gaps and improve performance in tests and entrance examinations.

More than 60,000 questions and 2000 modules

More than 60,000 questions and 2000 modules

AV lectures and learning notes

Comprehensive mock assessment support

Available for both UG and PG

Advanced analytics support

A comprehensive assessment ecosystem to students for self-learning.

Question banks and tests

Choose from a wide range of pre-developed question banks that covers more than 2000 modules to choose amongst various healthcare education streams

Custom Tests

Create your own tests with custom parameters for a focused preparation and analysis

Performance Analysis and Swift Review

Track your performance based on various frameworks like monthly percentiles, subject-wise scorecards, question types and levels.

Mock Assessments

Prepare efficiently with a wide range of mock assessment in various subjects, across diverse fields.

Syllabus meter

Stay on track with your syllabus and know the exact extent of the portion completed by you.

Prometric Assurance

Medisys Assessments are powered by Prometric for international level expertise and support

Why Medisys Assessments?


Scientifically Classified Question banks

More than 60,000 questions arranged carefully among 2000 modules for exhaustive learning. Easily navigate between types of tests and field of study with just a few clicks.


High scope of customisation

Medisys allows faculty and institutions to add or improvise to the existing question banks and scoring mechanism. Be it group discussions, theoretical exams or objective types- the app takes care of everything.


Ready for group or cohort assessment

Evaluation of group exercises, such as SGDs, ECE modules, BSCs and with a possibility of frequent internal/ formative assessments


Evaluate group or cohort assessments

Experts handpick all our questions and tests in specific domains for a more relevant and up-to-date evaluation of performance.


Comprehensive Score Card

Medisys assessments come with an elaborate scorecard that enables students and instructors to get a deeper understanding of the exact scope of improvement and area of strength.


An Excellent self practising tool

Enabling and promoting self-guided disciplined practice through preset question banks and a unique tool to learn more about the theory and underlying principles of a specific topic

A comprehensive assessment ecosystem to students for self-learning.

Providing intense, relatable test prep experience and critical, actionable feedback on performance.

Test Prep

A comprehensive compilation of custom prepared integrated learning notes and AV lectures built around clinical conditions

Subject wise test preparation for swift reviews

Detailed course material from our UG packages across all streams

Mock assessment and performance analytics

Mock tests- 24 tests of 540 question each for practice tests

Performance analytics

The most advanced and adaptive test prep app carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive assessment ecosystem to students for self-learning.

  • Self-test for individual students
  • Option of 'Teach Me' to understand the theory behind the question
  • Adaptive learning for better understanding
  • Self accessible analytical tool to improve
  • Exhaustive question bank as per latest trends and patterns

Start your assessments in just 4 steps

  • 01. Designed centered information delivery
  • 02. Universal and open forum for emerging talent
  • 03. Ease of uploading with an intuitive interface
  • 04. A network of eminent reviewers

So, Just choose your device and start preparing.

Medisys Assessments supports all platforms and devices. Just choose your device and start preparing to excel.


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