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Transform the current assessment methodology with Medisys Assessments and experience a new seamless integration of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Dedicated Admin dashboard to manage test modules and student batches

Assured by Prometric - the leader in tech-enabled testing and assessment solutions

Create custom tests based on the needs of your classrooms and subject emphasis

Advanced analytics support to understand the class performance

Secure, robust, calibrated – a platform that provides a seamless extension of the classroom exams

Question banks and tests

Choose from a wide range of pre-developed question banks that covers more than 2000 modules to choose amongst various healthcare education streams

Performance analytics and Dashboard

Dedicated dashboard for admins and faculty to access and track the batch’s assessment progress. Easily access the performance of an entire class or an individual student. Students can also review their performance and faculty remarks through their Medisys IDs

Prometric Assurance

Medisys Assessments come with the credible promise of Prometric for international level expertise and support.

Enhanced Security

Medisys assists in fair practices of tests and examination through its updated security mechanism which allows live face detection throughout the exams.

Why Medisys Assessments?


Scientifically Classified Question banks

More than 60,000 questions arranged carefully among 2000 modules for exhaustive learning. Easily navigate between types of tests and field of study with just a few clicks.


High scope of customisation

Medisys allows faculty and institutions to add or improvise to the existing question banks and scoring mechanism. Be it group discussions, theoretical exams or objective types- the app takes care of everything.


Ready for group or cohort assessment

Evaluation of group exercises, such as SGDs, ECE modules, BSCs and with a possibility of frequent internal/ formative assessments


Evaluate group or cohort assessments

Experts handpick all our questions and tests in specific domains for a more relevant and up-to-date evaluation of performance.


Comprehensive Score Card

Medisys assessments come with an elaborate scorecard that enables students and instructors to get a deeper understanding of the exact scope of improvement and area of strength.


An Excellent self practising tool

Enabling and promoting self-guided disciplined practice through preset question banks and a unique tool to learn more about the theory and underlying principles of a specific topic

Equipping institutes and teachers with the most advanced tool for assessments and tests with robust technology and carefully crafted interface to provide a conducive ecosystem for better learning and performance.

  • Conduct tests for an entire class or cohorts
  • Analytics support by cohort/class/college
  • Online or in classroom, practical exams with question banks for objective typeng for better understanding
  • The assistance of our LMS, responses as also provision for descriptive type responses for summative assessments.
  • Exclusive faculty app for individual or group scoring
  • Assessment summaries and dashboards for feedback.
  • Provision to add/ improvise assessments
  • Covers labs, SGDs, class sessions, bed-side clinics and Certifiable skills
  • Live face detection while taking exams

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