MediSys is a pioneer in digitally enabling medical education

SmarTeach UGMed

A digital version of the MBBS theory classes, which is based on the prescribed MCI syllabus for Medical students
The entire MBBS curriculum as per the MCI prescribed syllabus has been broken in to component subjects, chapters and topics. Each topic constitutes a module of learning consisting of several granular learning objects such as digital lectures, slides, animations of concepts, textual notes, glossaries, questions relevant to the topic, book and journal references, etc ….Read More

Continuing Medical Education

Online education offering to medical graduates, through an interactive medium of education taking leaf from the best practices of distance education
CME would extensively widen the scope/ enhance the quality and reach of education for you on a lifelong basis by broadening your knowledge, so as to bridge the gap between existing and apparent needs of healthcare professionals and the society…. Read More..

Medical Test Prep

Targeted towards final year students, house-surgeons and junior doctors who are preparing for various Post Graduate Medical Entrance Examinations
SmarTeach Medical Question Bank App is a Fast, Fun and Easy way to access the online content of more than 1,00,000 Medical PG Questions. Choose from the massive collection of questions, which have been collected over 3 decades which covers all the Medical Post Graduation Entrance Exams… Read More..

Company Background

MediSys at Hyderabad has been doing pioneering work in the area of Healthcare e-Learning by developing the curricular content for medical & dental education in the form of multimedia enhanced E-Content and E-Lectures that can supplement the teaching efforts at various medical colleges.

MediSys has developed SmarTeach® UGMed, a digital version of the MBBS theory classes, which is based on the prescribed MCI syllabus for Medical students. While teachers can project the E-Content in class, making their teaching more effective, students can also use the same via an E-Library facility to see and hear virtual lectures delivered by medical teachers selected from all over the country.