MediSys EduTech’s SmarTeach® Solution

SmarTeach® is a “Broadband Web-based, Video-assisted, Multimedia E-Teaching and Evaluation system”. It is a hybrid online-offline system that delivers learning modules in the form of archived video lectures by the best teachers, appropriately synchronized with audiovisual cues using a Virtual-Classroom metaphor for maximum comprehension.

Objectives of SmarTeach® at the Medical College

  •    Introduce E-Teaching/Learning as a means of education for present and future students – as a means of continuous professional development  through continuing education.
  •    Maximize the use of multimedia and Internet technologies for teaching concepts and reducing long-term costs.
  •    Design and develop courseware using existing material to deliver lecture-based education that can be used repeatedly and re-purposed.
  •    Allow the best teachers in the institute to teach on screen to anybody “on-demand” at all times.
  •    Let students construct a course depending on individually assessed needs and interests – and take it from renowned faculty.
  •    Enable students to enroll, register and log in to learn in a self-paced &/or controlled manner.
  •    Assess how much has been “learnt” by any student or a batch and give certification based on results.
  •    Measure the effectiveness of the teaching program through feedback.
  •    Increase user compliance by having a easy-to-use interface.