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A self-paced course that examines the cellular, systemic and integrative aspects of human physiology, using clinical scenarios to illustrate the basic physiological principles.

  •    Course Name                          :    Physiology 

  •    Days/Hours Questions            :    520 hours

  •    Offer Amount For Content      :    4500

  •    Total(Incl.Service Tax)             :    5310

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About the Course
While anatomy teaches you what’s in the body, physiology tells us how the body works. Physiology is highly important because it is the basement upon which we construct our understanding of what “”life”” is, how to treat disease, and how to deal with stress imposed by the environment upon our body. A deep insight into the normal biological function provides the basis for understanding the abnormal function seen in diseases.
This course on human physiology extensively covers general physiology along with the functional aspects of various systems in the body such as, nervous system, renal system, gastrointestinal system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, special senses, integumentary system, muscle and nerve, haematophysiology, endocrine system, reproductive system, fetal and neonatal physiology etc.

Target Audience
Medical students – Allopathy, Dental
Alternative Medicine students – Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga
Para/Allied medical students – Nursing, Physiotherapy, BSc Physiology
Post graduate students – MD/MSc/PhD Physiology

Course Delivery Format
This course is delivered entirely online. It consists of a series of comprehensive lectures by a professor in the subject, appropriately annotated with slides, animations and wherever necessary, interactive content. The delivery offers tremendous flexibility. You may pause a teacher while you refer to your textbooks (not includes) and to take notes. You may also rewind a segment to listen to the teacher again or you may skip a slide or two if you already know that bit. You may bookmark a segment that you wish to return to later, maybe to refresh just before your exams. While the lessons in this course may be arranged in a particular order based on our curriculum, you have the flexibility to take them in order of your preference based on your personalized learning needs.

While this course is to help you learn the subject from an online faculty, it may help you in several ways even if you are already enrolled in some medical, dental or paramedical school. Many of our students felt that the format in which this course is delivered has helped them to cope up against the fast paced lectures in actual class – it’s like having a TV remote in class to self-pace your teacher. Animations help understand concepts better by making concepts easy to understand… and difficult to forget

S.No Topics Duration
1 General Physiology  00:38:14
2 Muscle and Nerve  08:57:24
3 Cardiovascular System  11:33:23
4 Renal System  08:13:57
5 Blood  13:21:09
6 Respiratory System  10:37:15
7 Nervous System  24:33:31
8 Special Senses  06:39:52
9 Gastrointestinal System  07:36:58
10 Endocrine System  06:59:55
11 Reproductive System  04:38:06
12 Fetal and Neonatal Physiology  00:34:52

Are the lectures downloadable?

No, you cannot download the lectures. All the lectures have to be viewed online.

Is there any difference in 50 hrs and 200 hrs? Can I subscribe to 50 hours and then add more time in case I need to?

Apart from the number of hours, there is no difference in the course content. In case you want to selectively study some topics, for example, you could take the 50 hour pack and view the lessons selectively, even though all topics will be available. You can “”top-up”” your account in case you want more time. It’s just like buying talk time on your pre-paid mobile phone!

What is the Course Access Key?

An Access Key is required, and will be sent to you to activate the course in case you are depositing money directly in our bank account or paying the course fee to one of our Associates. If you are paying through a Credit Card, there is no need for the Access Key.

In case I am able to complete 50 hours of learning in 1 month, can I still access the course material?

No. The course will expire upon 50 hours of use or completion of 90 days from the date of subscription, whichever is earlier.

In case I am able to complete 200 hours of learning in four months, can I still access the course material?

No. The course will expire upon 200 hours of use or completion of 1 year from the date of subscription, whichever is earlier.

Can I view any Topic or Subject or Lecture as I wish? Is it also possible to learn from two or more subjects at a time?

Yes, you get access to any lecture from any subject (or even more than one subject) as per your choice and view it as many times in the subscribed timeframe.

What do you mean by Interactive Sessions?

This program provides many Interactive features never available before. This includes the ability to Pause the lecture, Play the lecture from any given point, Rewind to portions of the lecture, Fast Forward to any point and listen to any topic more than once. In addition, at some places you can get additional learning material in the form of text notes and additional slides. You can wish to see the slides Zoomed-in with Voice over only or also see the speaker and slides. You can also attempt MCQs in between or at the end of the lecture. All this by interactively making your choices on the screen – after all, every person has his or her own way of learning!

Can I pay through Credit Card in INR (Indian Rupee)?

Yes, you can pay the course fee through your Credit Card in Indian Rupees. This payment is authenticated through the ICICI 3D Secure payment gateway ensuring the absolute safety of such a transaction.

Course Code : 1_50

  • Category : Undergraduate
  • Duration : 104 hours

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