HR Initiatives by MediSys EduTech

An eight to five work schedule, with weekend offs, two weeks off a year, and a corner desk were once considered perks to a job, creating satisfaction and loyalty. Not anymore in this 21st century. Today, especially with young employees transforming the workplace, potential employees are searching for more of a work-life balance, and a greater sense of fulfillment from their work. The structure of work has broken down and shifted, and Medisys has taken note of the various demands by potential employees joining the workforce.
We at Medisys, give a high importance to employee satisfaction, their well-being and work/life balance. As a part of this, there are various activities that are planned on a regular basis. A periodic employee outing within or outside the city is carried out which helps employees to develop familiarity among themselves and also is a get-away from regular work. Some of the activities for employees include camping, sports activities, resorts, weekend parties and many more. Forward-thinking companies understand that refreshing/recharging on vacation is integral to employee focus and productivity.
Medisys also celebrates all the festivals like a family event with special lunches, sweets and gifts. Every occasion is celebrated alike, with traditional dress day, cultural events, games and activities. This is an integral part of Medisys, where each and every employee participate in the celebration. Apart from festivals, we also celebrate the birthdays of every employee. This results in a feeling of family among our employees and share their happiness/sadness with each other. You can see a glimpse of the culture and celebration at Medisys in the pictures displayed.



Meetings and Promotions

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Fun Activities

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