Dr. Neeraj Raj is synonymous with Multimedia and Animation in Hyderabad. As a creative Gold-medalist doctor, he is into various fields – medicine, painting, photography, cartooning, multimedia, animation – and he pursues each with unbound passion. He has converged all these with a vision to make them all components to provide knowledge – through a process that we all know as e-Learning.

Dr. Neeraj graduated from Osmania Medical College as the Best All-Round Out-going Student of 1987 with University Gold Medals in Anatomy and Pathology and distinctions in Pathology and Preventive Medicine. He topped in General Medicine.

As a Fine Artist, he has exhibited his paintings both in oil and watercolors at solo and group exhibitions; As a social and political cartoonist, his cartoons have been published in The Illustrated Weekly of India, Indian Express and Sunday Chronicle and were accepted for exhibit at the World Humor Conference.

Combining Medicine & Art, started ‘Medicoms’ in 1989 and established MEdRC (Medical Education Research Centre) in 1993 to make medical teaching and learning material and catered to the teaching needs of over 2500 doctors and others in the healthcare sector.

Dr. Neeraj has contributed significantly in the area of multimedia user interfaces by visualizing and developing products that could let common people use computers. His previous company Dr. Neeraj’s Multimedia Studios had installed Touch-Screen InfoKiosks all over Hyderabad city way back in 1994 and later with Sriven Multi-Tech Ltd, Internet based WebKiosks in 1999.

Combining his multi-disciplinary knowledge, and realizing that e-Learning is as multi-disciplinary in requirements, Dr. Neeraj started using tools like animation, video and graphics in very different ways – combining them with knowledge from people like educationists and software experts to develop e-Learning platforms and knowledge products that seek to revolutionize the way we learn.

Dr. Neeraj has combined his medical knowledge and artistic skills and creatively blended them with converging technologies laying the foundation for a Virtual Medical University – facilitating knowledge from master teachers to reach every doctor allowing him to treat us better!