Welcome to MediSys

MediSys is actively collaborating with various partners to enable its content to be available to every medical, dental, nursing and paramedical student – through various channels like e- Libraries, personal laptops, over Wi-Fi campuses and Smartdevices

In future, Medisys sees this effort as an enabler for real-time online interactivity between students and teachers – through tele-teaching, video conferencing, and interactive medical learning

Our Vision is to significantly enhance the quality and reach of knowledge through innovative use of new media and covering technologies
MediSys would spare no effort in bringing the necessary scientific, technological, manpower and financial resources together to make this into one of the most desired medical education network, it seeks to collaborate with various partners – universities, professional bodies, pharmaceutical companies, technology companies and broadband Internet providers. We have partnered with Intel, HP, Microsoft, etc. towards this end.